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Spooky quantum breakthrough could change physics forever

MIP* = RE is not a typo. It is a groundbreaking discovery and the catchy title of a recent paper in the field of quantum complexity theory. Complexity theory is a zoo of “complexity classes” – collections of computational problems – of which MIP* and RE are but two. The 165-page paper sho

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“Hello! Please don’t hang up!” Time to cut the line on robocallers

the US was hit with 58.5 billion robocalls in  2019, an increase of 22% from the 47.8 billion received in 2018

The post “Hello! Please don’t hang

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A new data infrastructure could manage pandemics and save lives

Instead of using the blunt instrument approach of designing public health policy for an entire population, would it make more sense to predict who would fall into that highly vulnerable one per cent group and then devote the state’s resources to protecting them?

The post

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How NASA scientists would engineer a back-to-school solution

Dealing with the social and economic upheaval from the coronavirus pandemic will require the skills and talents of many types of professions – medical personnel, public health experts, parents, students, educators, legislators, enforcement authorities and many others. Until now, though, the U.S

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Massive online open courses see exponential growth during COVID-19 pandemic

Massive open online classes, or MOOCs, have seen a surge in enrollments since March. Enrollment at Coursera – an online platform that offers MOOCs, has skyrocketed and was 640% higher from mid-March to mid-April than during the same period last year, growing from 1.6 to 10.3 million. The surge

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