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Arista 7170 Series

The Arista 7170-64C is a programmable data center switch with a shared packet buffer pool of 22MB that is shared across all ports. With 64 QSFP100 ports the 7170-64C is a dense 40/100GbE system that can support a flexible combination of up to 64x 40/100GbE, 128x 50GbE or 256x 10/25GbE of wire speed performance in a 2RU system. The Arista 7170-32C with 32 QSFP100 ports is based on the same architecture as 7170-64C providing the full throughput and performance in a dense 1RU chassis supporting up to 32x 40/100GbE, 64x 50GbE or 128x 10/25GbE interfaces. The 7170-32CD delivers the same port configuration as the 7170-32C with dual pipelines, connecting the 32 ports with the same capabilities as the 7170-64C.