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Intel Xeon E7 V3

The Intel® Xeon E7 V3 is the next generation of 64-bit, multi-core enterprise processors and is built on 22- nanometer process technology.  Based on the low-power/high performance Intel® Xeon E7 v3 processor microarchitecture, the processor is designed for a three-chip platform as opposed to the previous four-chip platform. The three-chip platform consists of a processor, memory buffer, and the Platform Controller Hub (PCH) and enables higher performance, easier validation, and improved x-y footprint. Intel® Scalable Memory Interconnect ( capable of up to 8.0 GT/s, up to lanes of PCI Express 3.0 links capable of 8.0 GT/s, and 4 lanes of DMI2/PCI Express 2.0 interface with a peak transfer rate of 5.0 GT/s. The processor supports up to 46 bits of physical address space and 48-bit of virtual address space.