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Juniper EX2500 Switches - Refurbished, Used, New

Juniper EX2500 Switches Refurbished Used: NetworkTigers offers premium, tested, seller refurbished and used Switches. All refurbished and used Juniper EX2500 Switches we resell are thoroughly tested by technician and returned to the Juniper's original precise standards. We can overnight these powerful, durable, Juniper EX2500 Switches to your location.

The Juniper EX2500 line of 10Gb Ethernet switches address high-performance server access requirements with twenty-four 10 GbE SFP+ ports that deliver wire-speed performance and 700 nanosecond latency. The EX2500 Series has both power and fan redundancy as standard features. It does not run JunOS as it is a rebranded product.

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