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Cisco ATA 186 Analog Phone Adapter ATA186-I2-A Unlocked

Cisco ATA 186 Analog Phone Adapter ATA186-I2-A Unlocked

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Condition: Seller refurbished
Warranty: 90 days

This Cisco ATA 186 Analog Phone Adapter ATA186-I2-A Unlocked is seller refurbished, tested, working, and sold with warranty. Unlocked. NetworkTigers can overnight this Cisco ATA 186 Analog Phone Adapter ATA186-I2-A Unlocked to your location. We sell this Cisco ATA 186 Analog Phone Adapter ATA186-I2-A Unlocked with a warranty.

Please call us at 800-430-6950 if you have any questions.

The Cisco ATA186-I2-A Analog Telephone Adapter is a handset-to-Ethernet adaptor that turns traditional telephone devices into IP devices. Customers can take advantage of the many new and exciting IP telephony applications by connecting their analog devices to Cisco ATAs.

The Cisco ATA186-I2-A supports two voice ports, each with its own independent telephone number, and a single 10BaseT Ethernet port. This adapter can make use of existing Ethernet LANs, in addition to broadband pipes such as digital subscriber line (DSL), fixed wireless, and cable modem deployments.

The Cisco ATA186-I2-A helps customers turn their analog phone devices into IP devices cost-effectively and is the preferred solution to address the needs of customers who connect to either enterprise networks, small-office environments, or the emerging VoIP managed voice services and local services market.
Enterprise customers are using the Cisco ATA186-I2-A to connect analog phones and FAX machines to their VoIP network. Service providers are taking advantage of emerging telephony applications and the ease of deploying second-line services using the Cisco ATA186-I2-A.
  • : Two voice ports support legacy (analog) touch tone telephones
  • : RJ 45 connection to 10BaseT Ethernet hub or switch
  • : Auto-provisioning with Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) provisioning servers
  • : Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or Skinny Command Control Protocol (SCCP)
  • : Web configuration through built-in Web server
  • : Administration password to protect configuration and access - Unlocked by NetworkTigers
  • Power Adapter : Included
  • Model Number : ATA186-I2-A
  • Part Number : ATA186-I2-A
  • Condition : Seller refurbished
  • One (1) Seller refurbished Cisco Analog Phone Adaptor ATA186-I2-A as described above
  • One (1) Power Adapter Included
  • Manuals and Software CDs Not Included
    Manuals and/or install software (where applicable) may be available through the manufacturer's website

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