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Arista 7050X3 Series

The Arista 7050X3 are members of the Arista 7050X series and key components of the Arista portfolio of data center switches. The adoption of high performance servers using virtualization and containers with increasingly higher bandwidth is accelerating the need for dense 25 and 100G Ethernet switching in both the leaf and spine tiers of modern networks.

The Arista 7050X3 Series are high performance flexible data center switches with a rich set of wire speed L2 and L3 features combined with extensive automation and programmability capabilities, low latency and consistent features for software driven cloud networking. The 7050X3 Series are available in a choice of configuration options.

Combining high density and industry leading power efficiency with typical power consumption under 7W per 100GbE port the 7050CX3-32S is ideal for both high performance leaf or collapsed spine tiers with airflow choices for back to front, or front to back.