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Terms of Sale

Your decision to buy means that you have read and accepted all of the terms and conditions of this sale listed on this page. Please review all these terms before bidding or purchasing. Information, pricing and policies displayed above take precedence over terms below.

Includes/Not Included: Please do not make assumptions about what is and what is not included with an item. If we do not specify that something is included, assume it is not. If there is contradictory information contained in the listing, consider the least advantageous information to the buyer to be correct. If you notify us when you see anything that does not make sense nor appear correct, we'd be grateful.

Sales Tax: All items shipped to a California address or picked up at our warehouse are subject to 9.25% sales tax. Pickup charges and "shipping," because it includes packaging, is taxable in California. If you are a reseller, please fax a completed BOE-230 (California State Board of Equalization Resale Certificate) to 415.449.3481. We can refund sales tax only after we have a BOE230.

Merchantability Notice: The items you are buying from NetworkTigers, Inc. (formerly Andover) may be used or returns from previous purchasers and are sold in the condition received by NetworkTigers, Inc. We make no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the items (including, but not limited to; implied warranties of merchantability and fitness) and disclaims any liability that may arise from the use of purchased items. Many items are covered under their original factory warranty, in which case we recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly if you experience a problem with an item you purchase from us.

Return Policy or Warranty: For all listings regardless of warranty period, you will have thirty days from the date the item is delivered to the shipping address to review it for any undocumented material defect, deficiency, or missing items. We do not offer refunds or exchanges after this period for these issues. Warranty periods for item functionality are specified in the listing. If you wish a warranty for longer than the specified periods in the listing, please contact us directly.

Questions or Issues: We are reachable at sales@networktigers.com or techsupport@networktigers.com. Our phone is 800-430-6950.  Email or call us for questions.  Please do not attempt to repair the item if it is in any way damaged or nonfunctional without first contacting us by email or phone at 800-430-6950. If you attempt to repair an item without consent from us, this will void the warranty. If you picked the item up from one of our locations you must return the complete item in order to receive your refund or warranty service.

Returning an item: Contact us at 800-430-6950 or email sales@networktigers.com for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Unless we agree otherwise, you must return all parts of an item and in the condition it was purchased for credit. The buyer is responsible for providing proper packaging for returning the item. More often than not, the original packaging should suffice. If the item is damaged on return due to inadequate packaging, the buyer is responsible for all damages. If one is available, we reserve the right to ship you a replacement unit rather than offering a refund. Email us to attain a return authorization number.

Refunds: Please allow up to five business days after an item returns to us before we process a refund.

Returned items: Items returned for any reason other than above or found to be non deficient or without material defect after return are subject to a 20% restocking fee and the cost of the returned shipment. You are responsible for all shipping charges in the event the item is returned without material defect. If the delivery vendor is unable to deliver the item to you and the item is returned to us, you will be required to pay shipping a second time in order to receive the item or accept a 20% restocking fee and the cost of the returned shipment if you do not wish to have the item reshipped. Customers who refuse packages at the time of delivery will be charged a 20% restocking fee, shipping charges out and return shipping charges.
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