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Cisco ASA5516-X Series Firewalls - Refurbished, Used, New

Cisco ASA5516-X Series Firewalls - Refurbished Used: NetworkTigers offers fast, high-bandwidth, seller refurbished and used firewalls security devices. We can overnight these performance smart Next Generation Cisco ASA5516-X Firewalls to your data center or office. All the refurbished Cisco ASA5516-X Firewall models we resell are pre-owned, thoroughly power-on tested by qualified technicians, working, reset-to-factory default and in excellent condition.

Cisco ASA 5516 offers these raw maximum statistics: stateful throughput - 1.8 Gbps, with all NGFW Services - 450 Mbps, with all NGIPS Services - 450 Mbps and has  8 x RJ45 Gigabit connections.

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