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Cisco ASR1004-10G/K9


Cisco ASR1004-10G/K9 ASR 1000 Series Modular Expansion Base Router


ASR1004-10G/K9 Cisco Router: NetworkTigers offers this Router for sale. This Cisco ASR1004-10G/K9 Router we resell is tech tested and set to defaults. We can overnight this Cisco ASR1004-10G/K9 Router to your data center.

The Cisco ASR1004-10G/K9 is a member of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series of routers and accessories. The ASR 1000 Series is a collection of routers engineered for performance and reliability, with industry-leading advancements in throughput and security.

Cisco ASR1004-10G/K9: ASR 1004 w/ESP-10G, RP1, SIP10, AESK9.


  • Route Processor Module : ASR1000-RP1
  • ESP Module : ASR1000-ESP10
  • Module Slots and Options : ASR1000-ESP10, ASR1000-RP1. Total slots available - Eight (8) Shared Port Adapters (SPA), One (1) ESP slots, One (1) Route Service Processor Slot
  • DRAM : 2 GB (default), 4 GB (max.)
  • Power Supplies : Dual ASR1006-PWR-AC - Front-to-back, Two (2) (installed) / Two (2) (max)
  • Performance : Forwarding Rate - 10 Gbps with ESP10
  • Rack Mounts : Included (4-RU)
  • Model Number : ASR1004-10G/K9
  • Part Number : ASR1004-10G/K9, ASR1004-10G/K9=, ASR1004-10G/K9-RF
  • Condition : Seller refurbished


  • One (1) Refurbished Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router ASR1004-10G/K9 as described above
  • One (1) ASR1000-ESP10 Included
  • One (1) ASR1000-RP1 Included
  • Two (2) AC Power Supplies Included
  • Two (2) Power Cords Included
  • One (1) Set Rack Mount Brackets Included

Not Included

  • Manuals or product brochures are not included. Software or Firmware DVDs or CDs are not included
    Product information and installation instructions may be found on the manufacturer's web site or on the web. Software or firmware updates may be available through the manufacturer's website

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