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July 09, 2024 Newsletter

Arctic Wolf’s “The State of Cybersecurity: 2023 Trends” report states that 50% of organiza

Arctic Wolf’s “The State of Cybersecurity: 2023 Trends” report states that 50% of organizations experienced a breach in the past year. Hackers use stolen data (like personal info or passwords) to steal identities, commit fraud, and launch targeted attacks, exploiting vulnerabilities for financial gain or information manipulation.

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But which generation understands the risks and possible consequences and is best able to protect themselves? Check out Generational perspectives on cybersecurity.

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Check out this week’s news roundup July 8, 2024

  • Volcano Demon attackers use threatening phone calls
  • Ethereum mailing list breach exposes users to draining attack
  • 1+ billion records already stolen in 2024 data breaches
  • 2024 ransomware demands increase significantly
  • 2.5 million affected by Prudential Financial breach
  • Chinese APT exploits zero-day flaw in Cisco switches
  • Man charged for scamming flight passengers via fake wifi
  • Mobile political spam triples for the 2024 election season
  • Android users targeted via malicious apps
  • Google blocks Chinese influence group 10,000+ times
  • More cybersecurity news

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