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June 04, 2024

Cybersecurity services firm Bridewell surveyed 519 staff responsible for cybersecurity

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Nearly 90% of US critical infrastructure companies are worried about this

Cybersecurity services firm Bridewell surveyed 519 staff responsible for cybersecurity in US critical infrastructure organizations in civil aviation, telecommunications, energy, transport, media, financial services and water supply.

Eighty-seven percent confirmed they are concerned about the same cybersecurity threat.

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More news in this week’s news roundup June 3, 2024

  • Survey reveals what worries critical infrastructure companies
  • Endgame operation takes down four ransomware networks
  • Trojan takes down 600,000 home-office routers
  • New federal cybersecurity standards by early 2025
  • US Cyber Command operators on first mission to Zambia
  • European hacktivist attacks double in Q1 2024
  • Names and SSNs accessed in Toshiba hack
  • Class action suit over massive ShinyHunters data breach
  • Santander latest victim to of ShinyHunters
  • Russian-linked gang claims second Shell Oil hack
  • More cybersecurity news

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