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March 26. 2024

Deepfake refers to synthetic media content created or altered using advanced artificial in

Could you spot deepfake content?

Deepfake refers to synthetic media content created or altered using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, particularly videos, audio recordings, or images.

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Businesses are vulnerable to deepfake attacks that aim to tarnish their reputations. Fake videos or audio recordings can fabricate damaging statements or actions, leading to reputational harm, loss of trust, and financial repercussions.

Make sure you know How to spot deepfakes.

News roundup Mon, March 25, 2024

Stories, news, politics and events impacting the network industry during the last week.

  1. Hotel doors can be unlocked using Unsaflok flaw
  2. More than 39K WordPress sites infected with scam redirects
  3. Russian nationals sanctioned by U.S.
  4. GitHub debuts A.I. tool to assist devs in fixing security bugs
  5. JetBrains TeamCity flaw results in cyberattack surge
  6. U.S. water systems must improve cybersecurity
  7. FCC adopts new label for secure IoT devices
  8. Earth Krahang APT breaches 70 organizations in 23 countries
  9. WordPress urges users to uninstall miniOrange
  10. Acoustic attack listens to keystrokes

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