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May 16, 2023

Small businesses can take comfort in the new Biden-Harris national cybersecurity strategy

What does the new US national cybersecurity strategy mean for small businesses?

Small businesses can take comfort in the new US national cybersecurity strategy. This new national strategy attempts to share federal resources, refocus national priorities on cybersecurity, and support small to medium-sized businesses.

What’s the timeline? What are the five pillars of the strategy? What can businesses do to align with the new approach?

Read the full write-up on the US national cybersecurity strategy.

News roundup Mon, May 15, 2023

Stories, news, politics and events impacting the network security industry during the last week.

  • Flaws in Netgear routers can be chained to execute remote code
  • CISA warns of Ruckus bug used to infect wifi access points
  • Aurora info-stealer malware being pushed by fake in-browser Windows update
  • Free White Phoenix tool helps ransomware victims unlock their encrypted data
  • Microsoft’s May patch addresses 38 flaws and an active zero-day bug
  • Attackers gain root privileges by exploiting new Linux kernel NetFilter flaw
  • North Korean hacker group Kimsuky using OneDrive links to spread malware
  • Microsoft reports that state-sponsored attackers are exploiting PaperCut vulnerability
  • FBI continues crackdown on cybercrime with seizure of DDoS-for-hire domains
  • Akira ransomware emerges and begins collecting victims
  • Cactus ransomware avoids antivirus detection by encrypting itself
  • Read more

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