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February 20, 2024

Since the early 1980s, scriptwriters and movie executives have begun to consider the...

Just for fun can you name ten old movies about hackers?

Since the early 1980s, scriptwriters and movie executives have begun to consider the importance of cybersecurity seriously and have incorporated it into some of the best and biggest films of the last fifty years.

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These top 10 movies about hackers and hacking run the gamut from classics to modern-day and show how cybercriminals can sway the stakes in everything from homeland security to theme park meltdown.

News roundup Mon, February 19, 2024

Stories, news, politics and events impacting the network industry during the last week.

  1. Leader of Zeus and IcedID malware gangs faces 40 years in prison
  2. New RustDoor macOS backdoor found to be targeting crypto firms
  3. Gold Pickaxe iOS and Android malware steals face data for financial fraud
  4. New Qbot malware variant uses fake Adobe installer window to stay out of sight
  5. State-sponsored threat actors are using generative AI to enhance their campaigns
  6. Bank of America warns of data breach affecting 57,000 customers
  7. Microsoft SmartScreen zero-day opens stock traders to DarkMe malware attacks
  8. 200K Facebook Marketplace user records uploaded to hacker forum
  9. FTC report indicates that US consumers lost a record $10 billion to fraudsters in 2023
  10. US Department of State offers $10 million bounty for Hive Ransomware leaders

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