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March 19, 2024

Despite increasing prioritization and budget allocation, cybersecurity risk has never been

Can you name 10 ways hackers bypass cybersecurity measures?

Despite increasing prioritization and budget allocation, cybersecurity risk has never been higher.

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From tried-and-true tactics to sophisticated new attacks leveraging AI to create convincing messaging enough to trick even savvy victims, organizations still need to work hard to build networks with robust, agile security protocols.

Here are 10 ways hackers bypass cybersecurity measures.

News roundup Mon, March 18, 2024

Stories, news, politics and events impacting the network industry during the last week.

  1. DarkGate malware spread through Windows SmartScreen flaw
  2. FortiClient EMS receives critical bug patch
  3. Google’s Gemini AI vulnerable to LLM threats
  4. North American manufacturing under malware attack
  5. RCE flaw in Kubernetes allows takeover of Windows nodes
  6. LockBit member emprisoned and ordered to pay $860K
  7. Biden Administration strengthens government security
  8. More than 15K Roku accounts hacked and sold
  9. Dropbox hackers steal credentials and bypass MFA
  10. 3,300 WordPress sites infected with malware

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